By Marc Campos

Da Bell Rings

Dems need to thank Chris Bell for getting into the race for Guv. Chris is a sharp (no pun intended) dude. I know, there are many in this business that are privately and openly smirking about Chris' chances. I hear it from folks that I respect. These same folks also tell me that the current Guv doesn't have it under control these days in Austin. These folks also say that Foghorn Leghorn doesn't have a chance in the GOP primary. If that's the case, then you gotta figure that maybe Chris can make it interesting. Governor Bell?

According to the recent campaign expenditure reports, a local candidate hired as "consultants" two white dudes, three white dudettes, an African American dude, and another non-Latino dude - zero from the Latino persuasion. Commentary points this out because the candidate's representative is cracking on Commentary. Commentary weighed in on the campaign staff diversity issue earlier this year. Campaign rep says Commentary does not know what he's talking about. The candidate is a nice fella, he's got a lot of good ideas, he'll probably win - Commentary is gonna vote for him. The campaign rep needs to read his own campaign reports.

SAFEPLATE reads Commentary. Commentary was spammed yesterday by SAFEPLATE. That's the outfit that sells that stuff that you spray on your license plates that overexposes the license plate in the photos taken from the red light cameras. Delete SAFEPLATE.

Commentary made today's Chron. Would have preferred that they would have written an article about the wonderful and creative logos that we have designed for our political clients over the years.

'Stros lead the wild card race - well, tied for the wild card lead. Kind of eerie. It wasn't that long ago that folks were writing them off - not Commentary. Not even Pedro could stop the Astros last night

July 29, 2005, 9:00AM

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