By Marc Campos

The Anonymous Class

The Chron had a front page article yesterday on the November races in the Lone Star State this fall. They also had a sub-article on what the “experts” think is going to happen here – four Dem political consultants and four GOP political consultants – don’t worry, Commentary wasn’t one of them. According to the Chron, “the political consultants agreed to discuss individual contests as long as their names were not used.” Here is the article. Here is the take by the “experts”. Come on! This isn’t the Manhattan Project we’re talking about. I don’t think national security is being threatened. Commentary would kind of like to know the names and takes of these anonymous consultants. First of all, nothing was said that most folks don’t already know so what is the big deal about the secrecy? (My takes probably would have been more favorable to Dems though.) Of course, folks will probably say that if they don’t have anonymity, then they will just spew out the partisan talking points of the day.

Still, Commentary would have preferred an article without anonymous consultants. Who were those guys? Were they Austin based? Were they all guys? What color were they? How much experience do they have? Who’s paying them? You get the picture. Show me the names!

On the Chron’s political page there is a take on H-Town’s Mayor and his political activities in 2008. Check it out. Dems just need to leave the Mayor alone because he will probably be our Dem nominee for Governor in 2010 – period!

Well, just like Commentary said. Here’s a front page story from yesterday’s Chron on ethics and county government. Check it out.

Also in yesterday’s Chron, a letter-to-the-editor from one of H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez’ constituents: “Consider, too, the sacred cows: Another classic example of what came first, the chicken or the egg. In the article "Homeless project draws fire" (July 22, City and State cover.) Former Council Member Gordon Quan's answer to the question of why don't you put homeless shelters and soup kitchens in River Oaks or Memorial is ‘we can't afford the property in those areas.’ Maybe that's because there are no homeless shelters and soup kitchens in those areas!

Property values flourish in other areas of town because they are sacred cows. Have they ever considered the fact that property in District I is "affordable" because everything that nobody else wants is dumped in District I, keeping our property values down. And we are made to feel guilty for not wanting it.

How many toxin-belching refineries are in Mayor White's neighborhood? How many soup kitchens, homeless shelters and halfway houses are in county commissioners' neighborhoods? How many garbage dumps are in smelling distance of Gordon Quan's house?

Speaking as someone who lives in one of those District I neighborhoods where sometimes the air is so thick you can spoon it and homeless people abound, I support Council Member Rodriguez completely! Hang tough and stand strong for those you represent. It's easy for the bleeding hearts to feel so compassionate when it isn't their neighborhood that is being sacrificed.” DEBBIE WILSON. Take that!

In today’s SA Express News, there is a piece on McCain’s Latino ad folks that are from SA. Check it out.

If you ask Commentary, the McCain Latino ad folks from SA are pretty good. They used to do W’s ads – interesting.

Commentary ran into The Joker and “The Dark Knight” this past weekend. Heath Ledger is diabolically great and should win the Oscar for sure. The best line of the flick comes from Ledger’s The Joker of course – “I'm not a monster...I'm just ahead of the curve.” Move over Hannibal, Wicked Witch, Anton and all you other movie bad guys and make room for The Joker. Aaron Eckhart is also good as the DA. Commentary would not be surprised if “The Dark Knight” picked up multiple Oscar nominations including Best Picture – check it out.

How do you figure last weekend we take two of three from the first place Cubbies, then get swept by the last place Pirates, then take two of three from the second place Brewers this past weekend. Roy O. gets back on the mound tonight after a layoff. Let’s hope he is A-OK. The Reds are in for three and we’re twelve and a half back.

July 28, 2008 9:00AM

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