By Marc Campos

Chickens, The Year Of, No Games, Do Not Forsake

The U.S. House GOP leadership announced that they will be holding three immigration hearings in Texas next month but not in Houston. They are going to Austin, El Paso and Plano. This is interesting. Houston has the largest immigrant population in the state, yet, we are being avoided. They know they won't get a sympathetic ear here. The GOP knows that their immigrant bashing trash won't be welcome in a city that takes pride in its diversity. Cluck, cluck, cluck!

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary and I were talking yesterday and we decided that 2006 should be referred to as "The Year of the Immigrant." Think about it. A year ago, were we all worked up about the immigration issue? Nope. Now the GOP wants us to take our eyes off of Iraq and $3 a gallon gasoline and so they make paperless folks the bad guys.

I guess I have to stop calling my burg H-Town, it doesn't give us an "international appeal." Houston got cut out of consideration for the 2016 Olympics right off the bat because we fared poorly in a poll of international Olympic hot shots. The U.S. Olympic Committee didn't want to move forward with us because they think it would be a waste of our time and theirs. Apparently, we're not that well known within the circle of those that will make the decision. In other words, they don't think we're capable of handing out the mega bribes necessary to get the games like paying for the college tuition for their kids, buying them luxury cars, and providing the all time favorite pastime - errr, you know what I mean.

There are a couple of pieces in today's Chron about the police chief and the police officers union. Kind of a high noon type set up. Meanwhile, do not forsake me oh my darling'.

July 28, 2006, 9:00AM

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