By Marc Campos

First Blood, Blogger Caucus, Meet Mr. Bollard

In battle, "first blood" is a term that means one side was the first to put a hurt on their opponent. In political campaigns, it means you are the first to make a major move. The campaign of Texas House District 143 candidate Laura Salinas was the first to put out a district wide mailer. The mailer made it to District 143 voter mailboxes yesterday. A copy of the mail piece will be posted later today at www.laurasalinascampaign.com. Check it out. Salinas, a Democrat,is still the only candidate that actually lives in the district.

Welcome to the party. You are now an official interest group. Just like business groups, labor, teachers, chemical companies, environmental groups, farmers, ethnic groups, and so on. This weekend, Houston area boogers, errr, bloggers will get together for a brunch and have invited local candidates and their campaign staff to attend - for a get together session of sorts. Next thing you know they'll elect a Chair. Then a spokesperson. Then regular meetings. Then the dreaded by-laws. Then screenings. Then endorsements. Then newsletters. Then dress codes. Then dues. Then they'll have statewide conventions where the "blogger of the year" will be announced. Then they'll have corporate sponsorships at their conventions. What's wrong with just stopping by Round Table?

Went to a reception yesterday at a new facility that's supposed to have a whole lot of security - maybe even more than airports. As you drive in they have security officers manning the gates. The arms of the gate move up and down to let cars get in. Then they have these thick metal poles that come out of the ground - that are supposed to stop the bad guys from crashing through the gates. If you are a good guy, the thick poles are lowered into the ground so you can drive through. These big retractable poles are called....drum roll please...bollards. I didn't know that.

July 28, 2005, 9:00AM

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