By Marc Campos

Local Hillary Team II, Blasted Off, Museum Stuff

The way Commentary sees it, in the race for Dem Prez, locally there are only 2 and ˝ campaigns – Hillary, Obama and Edwards. Hillary by far is the best organized to date. The four electeds for Hillary Commentary mentioned yesterday – Congresswoman Jackson Lee, Controller Parker, and Council Members Alvarado and Lovell bring with them fundraising and organizational structures. I don’t see that with the local Obama or Edwards efforts. Commentary isn’t dissing the other campaigns, I’m just pointing out the obvious. FYI – someone forwarded a note to say former H-Town Council Member Gordon Quan was also a major Hillary supporter. He didn’t get a mention by Commentary because I was just focusing on current electeds – sorry.

Hey, if I was going up in space about 150 miles, I’d probably down a few St. Arnold’s before I blasted off. It looks like some of the space fellas at NASA were a little tipsy when they went up according to newspapers in America today. How do you walk a straight line in a weightlessness environment anyway? Look at the bright side. Maybe they can put sponsorship patches on their spacesuits and space lids like NASCAR does. Budweiser, Miller Lite, Bud Lite, Corona, Tecate – you get the picture. It would certainly help defray space travel expenses.

It looks like Austin is getting a Mexican American cultural museum. SA already has one. H-Town definitely needs one. Of course, ours would include more than just Mexican Americans. I would support a wing for local Latino business history, one for the diversity of our culture, one for contributions from paperless folks, one for politicos including My Best Friend and One Of My Best Friends, one for the fellas that lost the battle for Lone Star State real estate in 1836, one for local Latinos that fought in wars, one for women that made a difference like Ninfa, and one for Numero 45 and Los Caballitos. Commentary would also donate a lot of my stuff from the past 35 years, except for my foul ball collection from The Yard – sorry.

Speaking of The Yard, A-Rod is 32 today and they are 7 and ˝ out. We won last night against the Padres and we have 60 games left.

July 27, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary