By Marc Campos

Broder Piece, Where We Came From, Gun Gone, Yard Patience, Vice Roles

David Broder is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political reporter and nationally syndicated columnist. He works for the Washington Post. He definitely knows his stuff. Earlier this week he penned a piece about the GOP losing support among Latino voters because of the immigration issue. Broder interviewed GOP U.S. Senator Mel Martinez from Florida who basically said that the gains and inroads the GOP had made with Latino vote the last few election cycles are now circling the toilet drain because his Party wants us all to go back where we came from. Tough s__t!

Too bad we're not doing anything about it here in Texas. From the beating a dead horse department, here we are on the eve of August and Dems aren't taking advantage of this in the Lone Star State or maybe they are but just not telling me about it. You know, I guess we're on our own locally. That's cool, we can handle that. I just thought that the new Party leadership was going to get things going and change things up. You know, what did I say a few months back - it's is more about who gets to run the Party than running the Party. Remember when they told us they were going to build up the base that makes the Party - gag, gag, gag! Texas has the second largest Latino population in the USA, everybody knows this except the Democratic Party.

Speaking of going back to where we came from, The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary was telling me that one of the TV reporters for one of the Spanish language stations that was covering the Protect Houston meeting Monday night said that he was trying to interview someone from the other side about our meeting. The other side person wasn't too cooperative and told him to go back home to where he came from.

Speaking of Spanish language TV stations, how come none of the English speaking TV stations were at the Protect Houston meeting?

Speaking of the Protect Houston meeting, I saw the Young Gun that used to be One Of My Best Friend's Chief of Staff. Did I mention that he no longer works at city hall, he has him a real job now, just kidding. They had a big going away party for him, but I missed it, I think I was out of town. He's still in the business and we definitely are going to be hearing a lot from him before you know.

Ooops! Also at the Protect Houston meeting on July 24: Hispanic Bar Association of Houston, Bay Area New Democrats, and Kingwood Area Democrats.

When we fell behind 5 to 1 going into the bottom of the 5th inning last night, my frustrations were pretty visible. Emel said settle down - we still have plenty of game left. So I took a few deep breaths and sure enough we scored 6 runs that inning and ended up with an 8 to 5 exciting victory. Emel was cool. I was just happy we came back. On the Miguel Tejada front, despite wearing my O's T-shirt yesterday, nothing happened.

Another TV series hits the big screen tomorrow - Miami Vice. I was a huge Miami Vice fan back in the 80s. I thought Lt. Martin Castillo played by Edward James Olmos was the coolest. In the movie version, Lt. Castillo is played by Barry Shabaka Henley - an African American actor - huh? I'm not complaining, heck, Sonny Crockett is being played by an Irishman.

July 27, 2006, 9:00AM

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