By Marc Campos

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It's happened to Commentary, it's probably happened to you. Admit it. Saw a story on TV today about kids going on adult, errrr, porn sites - some folks say it is a growing problem. Site folks say not a problem - they got protections in place. Don't know about that. Say you're on the internet looking up a female actress. You may want to find a bit of trivia info on her, you click, next thing you know you're in porno land - yikes!! You look around and see if anyone in the office is looking at your screen. You try to click off and the screen/site won't click off. You then throw your suit coat over the screen and hit the kill switch on your hard drive, in the process messing up your computer. You then boot back up, got your machine turned on, then you get zapped with multiple popups of uh-oh images and invitations. You endlessly click again. You're then afraid to leave your office for a meeting, fearing that while you are gone, the popups will return, a co-worker will walk by your screen, and assume, well, assume. Yeah, sure there are things you can do to avoid what was just described, but don't say "got protections in place."

As soon as the ball left the bat, I knew the game was over. Mike Lamb's walk off homer to lead off the bottom of the ninth is baseball at its best. Of course, it is only at its best when the 'Stros are winning. Astros 2, Phillies 1. The buzz has returned. Starting to feel like last September and October. 36 thousand Monday night 34 thousand last night. Took a Young Gun with me last nite, dude was hurting for cash, had to buy his brewskees. This Young Gun knows his baseball. Told me he got cut off when he called a radio sports talk show last week - mentioned the "f" word, not the "f" you word, the other "f" word that you supposedly can't mention on radio, ends with an "o" - I didn't know that. Anyway, there are around 35 home games left, get out to the ballpark - that's entertainment.

Speaking of baseball, some fella is selling "Beltran S___s" t-shirts that he wants folks to wear this Thursday through Sunday when the Mets come to town. Bad idea. Carlos Beltran played his heart out for us last year. Remember his playoff performance? He is one of the reasons we had our best baseball season ever in Houston. You may not like that he signed with the Mets - that's baseball - you can boo him, that's OK. The t-shirt is a bit disrespectful to a guy that helped get this city pumped last fall.

July 27, 2005, 9:00AM

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