By Marc Campos

The Local Hillary Team, We’re #1 – We’re #1, Yard Speak

Now we’re getting some action! Here in H-Town, it looks like Hillary is getting a good chunk of Dem leaders on her team. Congresswoman Jackson Lee, City Controller Parker, and Council Members Alvarado (One of My Best Friends) and Lovell are powerful political guns that have signed on. It looks like they are helping with fundraising and organization. I would say right now that Hillary has an advantage here in H-Town. I don’t see the other candidate supporters as organized or enthused. This is just an observation of course and I could be wrong.

We’re #1, we’re #1! Well, the Lone Star State leads the whole USA in teen pregnancies. Way to go state leadership that all happen to be GOPers. Do they even have a clue what’s going on here. Do they even care – heck no! Of course, if you are a young Latina or African American female teen, your chances of getting pregnant are greater than Anglo female teens.

Last week it was reported that Latino students bring up the rear when it comes to going to college and again the state’s GOP leaders are silent and clueless.

I’m sure the state’s GOP leadership saw the latest study on being overweight. It says if your buddies, families and neighbors have a few extra pounds, then chances are you will add a few extra pounds. We all know that having a few extra pounds can cause future health problems, so don’t be surprised to see the state GOP rush to offer a solution – move and find new friends.

Arrrgh! New Lone Star State leadership is desperately needed – are we getting ready – of course not!

Former ‘Stro Jeff Kent went deep, Numero 45 went deeper – we won and took two of three from the Dodgers. There were a lot of folks in Dodger Blue at The Yard last night. The Padres are now in for four with 61 left.

July 26, 2007 9:00AM

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