By Marc Campos

Money and Down Ballot, More Protect Houston, Sticks

The Ellen Cohen campaign trumpeted last week that they had raised a ton of money. They have $215,000 in the bank. They forgot to tell us that Martha My Dear has twice as much in the bank, well nearly, $428,000. Yikes! This is the race in Harris County, State House District 134 that a whole lot of folks are watching.

Which has me thinking, since we have two semi-major independent candidates in the race for governor at the near top of the ballot, how does that effect down ballot races? I haven't seen anything in the paper or online about that. Does it help R or D down ballot candidates, or is it a factor only in certain communities? Is it a factor more in Anglo boxes? Do some voters go to the polls and just vote for The Kinkster or Lady Foghorn and forget about the rest of the races? I gotta try and figure this one out.

Also at the Protect Houston meeting: Pakistani American Association of Texas, I.M.E., Mexican American Bar Association, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AAMA, and the Hispanic Alliance For Progress Institute.

Elected officials joining Carol Alvarado at the meeting were her colleagues Ron Green, Adrian Garcia and Peter Brown, City Controller Annise Parker, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, State Senators Mario Gallegos and Rodney Ellis, State Representatives Ana Hernandez, Senfronia Thompson, Jessica Farrar, and Garnet Coleman, HISD Trustee Manuel Rodriguez, and HCCS Trustee Diane Olmos Guzman.

Last year, me, My Best Friend, and his son Matt, went to B'more to see the 'Stros play the Orioles. I picked up an O's T-shirt. I'm wearing it today hoping that Tim Purpura pulls the trigger and trades for Miguel Tejada. Adam Everett may be a great glove, but he is absolutely zilch at the plate. Forget about driving in runs, he can't even advance a runner. I watch the games and I sit there in stoned silence afterwards - and I don't even do dope. What happened last night with Roger is not acceptable! We need another stick in the line-up - NOW!

July 26, 2006, 9:00AM

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