By Marc Campos

Natural Woman,
Labor Split, Return To Sender

She's one of the greatest songwriters of our time. She campaigns and helps raise money for Democratic candidates. She's 63 - she sings about it on her latest CD. She's the "Natural Woman." She's Carole King and she's bringing her "Living Room Tour" to The Woodlands this Friday night. She'll perform favorites like "You've Got A Friend", "It's Too Late" and "So Far Away." She'll also sing songs she wrote that others recorded - "Locomotion" (Little Eva), "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (The Monkees), "Go Away Little Girl" (Steve Lawrence and Donny Osmond), and "Take Good Care Of My Baby" (Bobby Vee).One of the Sunday news shows did a segment on her this past weekend - she rocked. Call your nearest ticket broker and head to The Woodlands.

Commentary was there. Last night against the Phillies, first inning, Craig Biggio hits one that barely goes over for a home run. Next up, Lance Berkman sends one into the Centerfield Restaurant - back to back. Third inning, Biggio to the Crawford Boxes. Berkman follows with a towering blast into the right field seats. Two back-to-backs by the same players in the same game. First time in Astro history. Astros won 7 to 1.

One of Commentary's buddies is with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) - they're splitting away from the AFL-CIO. Teamsters also are leaving the AFL-CIO. Look forward to visiting with SEIU buddy and get his take on the split. I trust that the SEIU and Teamsters leaders know what they're doing. Let's hope that this breakup proves to be beneficial in the long run.

One of these days, somebody (not Commentary) is gonna go through the campaign contribution reports of the immigrant bashers, ID the biggest donors, and see if they can link the biggest donors to workers that don't have the right papers - utilizing or owning landscaping, construction, restaurants, janitorial services - you get the picture. Betcha bashers wouldn't return the campaign buckos.

July 26, 2005, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary

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