By Marc Campos

There and Here

Yesterday, Obama spoke to over 200,000 at "Victory Column in Tiergarten Park in the heart of Berlin." Meanwhile, McCain had his own German moment when he met with reporters in front of Schmidt’s Sausage Haus in Columbus, Ohio. Commentary heard that the McCain campaign tried at the last minute to get some WWII German vets to stand by McCain but they couldn’t get a hold of Colonel Klink or Sergeant Schultz – I know nothing!

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez continues to get some good run. In today’s Chron there is a piece about James riding with HPD yesterday and being one of the first to arrive at the scene of a shooting in District I of all places – and it didn’t involve an apartment complex owner trying to hold off a city code inspector. Check it out.

Commentary said last week on “Red, White and Blue” that the local GOP was playing defense. It looks like I’m kind of right. In today’s Chron, the GOP Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies are fixing to rebel and endorse his Dem opponent, H-Town Council Member Adrian Garcia. Check it out. I guess you could say that the Sheriff might be up s__t creek without a posse.

Also in today’s Chron, the Dem nominee for Harris County Judge takes off the gloves with a full frontal assault on the GOP Harris County Judge over ethics and contracts and favoritism – oh, my! Check it out. It looks like during the next three and a half months, county government will be getting a bit of well deserved and long overdue scrutiny.

Commentary forgot to mention that late last week code inspectors put a citation whupping on the Astrodome. The Dome has to come in with about $250,000 worth of repairs to stay up to code or they can’t have functions there. It looks like the Dome might be headed to rat-hole-ville. Commentary would like to see the county let us know how much it would cost to tear it down – probably tens of millions of dollars – but it would probably be worth it.

This is from my buddy Hector who I think was trying to make me feel better: “If you turn the newspaper upside down when looking at the standings in the NL Central, you will feel better.” Ouch!

It is so bad that we didn’t even play yesterday and fell to thirteen and a half back. We’re in Milwaukee for three.

July 25, 2008 9:00AM

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