By Marc Campos

Their Savior, Tolls, B-G-O!

“Here I come to save the day!”

The Law and Order Fella rides in to H-Town today on his white steed and H-Town’s GOP money folks will be lined up to sing his praises, errrr kiss his ring. Oh, mighty one, deliver us from W and take us to victory in 2008.

Wow, a real life political savior will actually be in H-Town today. I wonder if he’ll make it to The Yard tonight to check out his Hollywood Dodgers.

One of those singing his praises, errrr kissing his ring is the Way Out Far Right Talk Show Host State Senator. So I wonder how long it’ll take before The Law and Order Fella starts bashing the paperless folks.

Dems appear to be happy with their Prez wannabees. GOPers aren’t. That ought to tell you something.

There are a lot of folks smarter than Commentary in H-Town – sorta. Folks that live in the outskirts of H-Town are urged to car pool or take the bus into town to get cars off of our congested freeways. If you car pool, then you get to use the HOV lanes. It makes sense. That’s a good thing. In today’s Chron, there is a story where our local traffic gods says if you shell out the buckos, you might be able to use the HOV lanes in the future even if you are driving alone. I don’t see how that encourages car pools or bus riding. Like I said, there are a lot of folks smarter than Commentary in H-Town – sorta.

That’s why it is the best game ever invented period. I’m talking about what happened at The Yard last night. On the day Future Hall of Famer Craig Biggio announced he is hanging up his spikes on September 30, he hits a two out grand salami in the bottom of sixth to give the ‘Stros the lead and the win. It doesn’t get any better than this. Yeah, we’re in fourth place and hurting real bad, but you can still have a great time at The Yard.

We have 33 more opportunities to see Craig Biggio play at The Yard, errrr not including playoff games. Sunday, September 30 versus the Braves will be sold out for sure. B-G-O, B-G-O!

July 25, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary