By Marc Campos

Running Right,

According to the Chron, Houston City Council Member Mark Ellis wants the Houston Police Department (HPD) to start enforcing immigration laws. Guess they got jaywalking under control. Ellis, who is a nice fella, is a Repub. Some folks expect him to get into the Senate District 7 race. Guess immigrant bashing plays well in a GOP primary - Commentary said so last week. How about a compromise? Let's divert HPD patrol units from the city part of SD 7 and send them to North Shepherd Drive and Gulfton so they can do their roundups. Then when SD 7 city folks start seeing an increase in burglaries, red light running, jaywalking, and other criminal activity, we'll see if the policy shift is a good idea.

Go 'Stros. They put on a show in D.C.. Today, Ex-Astro Billy Wagner and the Phillies come to town. Thursday, it is Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez and the Mets. We're back in the hunt.

July 25, 2005, 9:00AM

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