By Marc Campos

The Speaking Of James

Commentary doesn’t think anyone at H-Town City Hall ought to be giving Council Member James Rodriguez any lessons on leadership. James received a lot of calls, emails and text message from folks throughout his district and the city for standing up for his constituents at yesterday’s meeting of the H-Town City Council. Commentary saw it on the Municipal Channel yesterday and it also got some run on local newscasts. Reportedly, even some of James’ colleagues gave him the old thumbs up. James was forceful, articulate and to the point. A local pro that Commentary respects said James was right on target.

The issue – the folks from James’ district, District I, think they have way too many facilities that cater to the homeless and they want them spread around the city. There is nothing wrong with that. There is currently one proposed for District I that James and his constituents are opposing.

Those that support this new facility claim that it is a good deal financially and that these facilities need to be close to Downtown because they are close to services that these folks need, and that they are near public transportation routes. Oh brother! As we all know, way too often elected officials and leaders take the convenient approach at the expense of good public policy. Maybe we need to start being creative and figure out how we can better strategically put these facilities throughout the city and get out of this mindset that they all have to be located next to Downtown H-Town. Come on, let’s put on our thinking hats! Hang in there James!

A local woman got her arse thrown in jail for taking matters into her own hands over a bumper sticker cracking on Obama. Check it out in today’s Chron. Commentary still sees dumba__es with the Johnny Reb flag on their pick-ups and idiots with anti paperless folk bumper stickers and I just think they are well – dumba__es.

The Chron’s Sports Columnist – who from here on out will be referred to as The Smartest Baseball Guy in H-Town – sarcastically praises Pam-In-Charge today as he continues to bash the club. At thirteen out and after being swept by the last place, errr now second to last place Pirates, I’m in no mood to defend the ‘Stros.

July 24, 2008 9:00AM

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