By Marc Campos

Protect Houston Tonight, Tiger Rules, Not So Chron Cool, Graffiti, Key Series

Looks like the CWA Hall on Jefferson Street in Downtown Houston will be the place to be this evening - 6 pm. Protect Houston will hold a community meeting to deal with the ugly signature gathering petition drive that is being conducted by "mean spirited" individuals. They want the Houston Police Department to get into the "migra" business.

Apparently, these folks don't like being challenged. They hate being called "mean spirited." Grassfire, MiniMen, whatever, these folks aren't going to get a free ride on this one. Sorry pals.

How can you not root for Tiger Woods? The guy is only 30 and he's already won 11 major golf tournaments. Unlike other selfish sports record holders, Jack Nicklaus is probably rooting for Tiger to break his record of 18 majors. Tiger was steely throughout the weekend and when he finally made his final putt he broke down and let emotions take over. His Dad, who taught him the game of golf, died this past May and this was Tiger's first major victory without his Dad around. Props go to Tiger.

In yesterday's Chron Star Section, they came out with 20 cool things about Houston. Minute Maid Park wasn't on the list. On the list is a guy that cuts the hair of Houston's wealthiest, a store that sells a bunch of different kinds of salt, but Minute Maid Park isn't in Houston's Top 20 Cool Things. So then I checked out the "20 cool things about Houston" selection committee, heck, I've never seen any of them at the yard, no wonder.

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary opines about graffiti. She points out that the City will fine you if your property gets tagged with graffiti and you don't remove it within a certain amount of days. She wonders if the City fines itself for not removing the graffiti within the same time period on street signs all over the place.

Well, the 'Stros come limping back to town after a 4-6 road trip. Get out to the yard tomorrow as they take on the Reds. It is a key 3 game series. They need big crowds this week and don't even think about panicking. Come on, word is they are actually trying to make a trade for Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada. They aren't giving up and neither am I.

July 24, 2006, 9:00AM

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