By Marc Campos

Everybody Knows It

I guess the Chron is hurting for stuff to cover. They have another piece today on Guv Dude maybe running again in 2010. Hey, in order for Guv Dude to run again, somebody has to urge him to run. Sorry, I don’t hear anybody saying “run, Dude, run!” Nobody wants him to run. Even folks from the Lone Star State GOP are silent. They know that Lone Star State voters are tired of his act. Look, Guv Dude’s not running because he’ll get run by the voters in 2010. He knows it, Commentary knows it, the Lone Star State GOP leadership knows it, and the voters know it. I guess the Chron doesn’t know what everybody else knows.

The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary will be leaving soon to get smarter. Commentary has to replace her which will be very difficult. I hate to lose her because she has good takes and instincts. Some nameless moron took a shot at her last week on one of the Chron’s web pages. I don’t know the nameless moron because the moron is nameless, but I’d give 100 to 1 odds that the Young Political Consultant That ….. could run circles around the nameless moron – blindfolded and with one hand tied behind her back. She’s that good. If anyone is interested in the gig, check out this website for information.

93 years ago today WWI started. Speaking of, W handed the power over to his VP Saturday – huh? Commentary is still trying to figure this one out.

Add Christopher Walken to those that should get Oscar run for Best Supporting Actor. He was great in “Hairspray.” Check it out, it’s good.

Let’s see, dog fighting is dominating the NFL these days, gambling and game fixing has got NBA Nation freaked out, and MLB has Barry, Barry, Barry – I’ll take that any old day.

Hammering Hank Aaron said this past weekend, if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit – sorta. In talking about Barry, Barry, Barry, Henry said if you don’t have proof on the ‘roid issue, then folks shouldn’t worry about it. The record is the record I guess. Barry, Barry, Barry is going to do it this week at AT&T. Then he will have the record – period. He still won’t make Commentary’s All Time outfield. That’s reserved for Henry Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. OK, so that’s four – so what.

Nomar of the Dodgers is 34 today. He’ll be in town today wearing Dodger Blue at The Yard. We got the NL West first place Dodgers in for three, then the second place Padres in for four – yikes! 64 games left!

July 23, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary