By Marc Campos

Gimme Shelters?

H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez thinks the city needs to do a better job of spreading out the homeless shelter facilities. He thinks that his district – District I – has more than its share. Check it out in today’s Chron. Hey, there isn’t anything wrong with James’ suggestion. Why do folks always seem to want to put these types of facilities in that part of town (the East End) anyway? Hang in there James!

This Wednesday the Blue Ribbon Commission to End Chronic Homelessness in Houston/Harris County (now that’s a fancy name) will put out an annual update. Wouldn’t it be nice if they laid out a strategy to spread these facilities out all over H-Town? Stay tuned!

Commentary has heard from a few folks about my comments on “Red, White and Blue” about the local GOP playing defense this year. You see, when you play defense, the only way you score is by a turnover. It is good to see a number of local Dem campaigns already starting to put block walkers out in the field.

Check out Channel 13 reporter Miya Shay’s blog today. She got W on tape.

Commentary hears that things aren’t well in pico de gallo land. First of all the feds falsely arrested the tomatoes. Then they pointed an accusatory finger at the cilantro when all along it was the jalapeno that forgot to wash its hands after a bathroom break – yikes! Only the cebolla escaped a federal investigation. We don’t need no stinking jalapenos!

Commentary is not going to say anything about the ‘Stros blowing the game last night in the ninth inning other than to say it pretty much speaks for the kind of season we’re having and still twelve back.

July 22, 2008 9:00AM

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