By Marc Campos

Local Politics

A couple of weeks ago, H-Town’s Mayor announced that the City would get into the school running business and said he would form a committee to make sure HISD did the right thing on proposed school closings. Expect HISD to return the favor this week and form a committee to make sure the City of H-Town does the right thing on apartment and construction crane inspections.

The reviews are in and folks said Commentary did A-OK on “Red, White and Blue.” Speaking of, during the program, the question of the H-Town Mayor getting involved in the 2008 elections was brought up. The Mayor’s 2003 opponent Orlando Sanchez – a guest on the program - claims that the Mayor had an “implied” contract with the local GOP that said he wouldn’t be involved in partisan efforts while serving as mayor. Commentary is OK with that. Dems will be OK without the Mayor’s involvement this year.

Besides, I want the Mayor to make sure our new parking meter gizmos have paper. Before Saturday’s game at The Yard, I fed the parking meter a couple of bucks worth of quarters so I wouldn’t get a ticket – yes, we have to pay for meter use on Saturdays. The meter is supposed to spit out a parking receipt that you put on your dashboard so you don’t get a ticket. Guess what – the meter was out of paper – go figure. That’s the second time I’ve had that happen to me.

The last thing Commentary wants to do is manage the ‘Stros but yesterday I don’t know why you send J.R. Towles - who has proven he can’t hit big league pitching and is batting a buck forty-three – up to face Ryan Dempster in the fifth inning with bases loaded, no outs and we're behing 3-0. There is nothing wrong with pinch hitting in the fifth inning. Towles looked helpless as he swung at two in the dirt and struck out. That was a bad managerial move if you ask me. We took two of three from the Cubbies and we’re twelve down.

July 21, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary