By Marc Campos

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E-Board and the "E" doesn't stand for error, or does it?

Word is the Da Bell camp is not too happy with the hometown newspaper. You see, they ran a story Tuesday on campaign money that had been raised for the first half of the year and had Da Bell in fourth place behind The Kinkster. Well, it turns out Da Bell actually had raised more money than The Kinkster. Da Bell pointed out the error (Chron said it was $1.1 mil, Da Bell said $1.6 mil) to the Chron's campaign reporters.

I guess the Chron's E-Board didn't get word about the half million dollar misprint. You see E-Boards don't interact much with the newsroom folks, unless they are dating or something like that. Well in yesterday's Chron editorial, Da Bell was once again ranked number four in the money raising category. System flaw? No respect? Two errors don't make a right, or so the saying goes.

Speaking of hometown newspapers, it appears that the Lady Foghorn's newspaper gives her a lot of run and also a lot of run to their adopted one, The Kinkster. Maybe the Chron ought to be giving Da Bell, a homie, a lot more run. Let's be fair.

A couple of days ago I referred to Da Bell's TV ad as "The Attack of the 50 Foot WoMan." Check out yesterday's Chron editorial. To be honest, the Chron's E-Board Insider told me he wrote his before he saw mine.

Yesterday, W addressed the NAACP Convention. In his remarks, W said he and the Japanese Prime Minister visited the National Civil Rights Museum when they were in Memphis a couple of weeks ago. Huh? At the office, I keep the tube tuned to CNN all day and I never saw that. The White House made a huge production out of the Graceland visit, but not much about the Civil Rights Museum drop by. I guess they didn't want to highlight W's spectacular record on civil rights, NOLA - you get the picture.

Speaking of Graceland, when W visited, he was greeted by the Presley women. I couldn't tell which was which - that's scary.

I hope I don't jinx him, but after his second round at the British Open today, Tiger is the clubhouse leader at 12 under. He shot a 65 today. His 11th major is in sight. I'm getting up early this weekend to watch.

The Astros have certainly made things interesting this year. The team leader in pitching victories, Wandy Rodriguez, was just shipped to Round Rock. Now we're heading to New York to visit our old buddies, Carlos Beltran and Billy Wagner. The Mets have the best record in the National League. Tomorrow's game will be on national TV and will mark the return of Brandon Backe to the mound. I got a feeling we will do OK in the Big Apple this weekend, errr, we have to.

July 21, 2006, 9:00AM

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