By Marc Campos

Big Bad John, SD 7

"Nobody seemed to know where John called home. He just drifted into town and stayed all alone. He didn't say much, kinda quiet and shy, and if you spoke at all, you just said 'Hi' to Big John."

Well, hes not exactly six foot six and weighs 245 or broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip, but you still gotta like the way State Senator John Whitmire seizes the moment. Some Albacrackie loving Dems still can't handle Big Bad John's killerbuster move last night to scuttle the school finance bill and send the special session into extra innings, errr, another special session. They like the results, they don't like who took the curtain call.

Memo to the Albacrackers, according to the Chron, Whitmire spoke against the school finance bill for many reasons, not just the school board election provision. Said Big Bad John to the Chron about why he opposed - "for many reasons, primarily because I think we can do better." Whitmire goes on to say that the educational community had problems with the bill - "I respect the opposition (educational community) and I'm attempting to represent them."

Also in the Chron, Whitmire, a huge baseball fan, uses baseball lingo to describe his killerbuster tactics - not taking to the Senate floor until the final hours - "I ain't no fool. I've got my setup men. I'm going to be the reliever, the closer." Gotta hand it to Big Bad John. The longer the special session goes, the more Astros games Whitmire will miss. I know that pains him dearly. That's what they call taking one for the team. Drop Big Bad John a note, let him know he's doing a good job - then ask him if you can use his baseball tickets.

According to a respected political pro on the upcoming Senate District 7 GOP Primary battle - "183,000 of 695,000 live in the city of Houston, for a little over 26%. Probably not enough to get (Houston City Council Member Mark) Ellis into a runoff against Hamric, Nixon, or Streusand unless they vote for him unanimously. If all of these run it will be Nixon vs. Hamric ..."

Yesterday, an internet opinion suggested that Dems field a candidate in SD 7. They said Dems can go from 25% to maybe 40% - from a severe a__ whipping, to a solid a__ whipping. Bad idea. It costs $1250 to file for state senator. Better idea to send that money to Ellen Cohen.

July 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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