By Marc Campos

Punked and Done

You kind of have to feel sorry for the Junior Senator from The Lone Star State – not really. He acts like the big man on campus talking bold sh_t about the need for a fence and bashing on paperless folks. Then Homeland Security says they are going to build a border fence where they think it ought to go regardless of what Lone Star State folks have to say, including local and state officials. Now Junior is crying – wah, wah, wah! Junior’s being left out of the decision making process. What did he expect from W? Junior’s a freaking cheerleader not a quarterback or starting tailback. Well, sometimes they let him bring in the Gatorade during timeouts. Junior ain’t the first fella that has ever been punked, errr used by W and he won’t be the last. Junior needs to stop crying and start ‘splainin to Lone Star State voters why he’s getting the ‘ol W chile.

Speaking of the chile, Latino students aren’t taking the higher education route here in the Lone Star State according to today’s Texas newspapers. Way to go state officials. What do you folks do up in Austin anyway? I don’t know if I have much of the Lone Star State orgullo today.

Well, it’s official – sorta. In today’s front page of the Chron’s Sports Section there is a ‘Stros batting helmet with a fork stuck in it – we’re done. The Chron’s sports writers and columnists all have their own takes on what we ought to be doing like firings, trades, releasing, even cutting the price of beer – hmmm. Three in Pittsburgh then they come home on Monday. Arrrrgh!

July 20, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary