By Marc Campos

Hate In My Hood, The Agitated, What The Man Says, 343, 49 & 2885

Hate is hanging around my hood these days. It just walked in and set up shop. There is another hate based moronic group called Grassfire that just bought a billboard at the entrance to my hood with the following message: Stop the Invasion, Secure our Border.

Grassfire is a group that has some hateful things to say about National Council of La Raza. Says Grassfire's website, "La Raza sponsors and directs racist schools. It promotes the "reconquista" movement that claims the American Southwest belongs to Mexico. In fact, its very name - which translates to "the race" - exposes its agenda. How do I say this politely? These people are Mexican Nazis."

Great, now Grassfire has bought billboard space in my hood. I think they specifically targeted Commentary because of my takes on this issue. I'll show them. I'm going to borrow Rocky and Jake and take them for a walk and let them do their doggone thing at the base of the billboard. Heck, I might have a couple of St. Arnold's before I take them for a walk and also do my thing.

Houston City Council Member Carol Alvarado's leadership role with Protect Houston is inviting a number of email jabs. Some are rude, some are misinformed, and some make you laugh so hard because you can't believe folks are so idiotic. One thing is for certain, these folks are easy to agitate.

"Listen To What The Man Says" is a Sir Paul song. It reminds me of what is going on over at the Houston Police Department. The police union came out with a survey of its members a few days back that said they don't think the police chief is doing a good job. When the union endorsed the mayor, errr, before he was mayor and was running for mayor, the then pre-mayor ran ads touting the union's support, kind of sending a message that the pre-mayor was better qualified to fight crime, because the crime fighters, errr, union, was supporting him. Are you following me? Now the same crime fighters, errr, union says the chief isn't doing a good job. Very interesting. Wonder what the betting line is today?

Last night Roger got his 343rd career victory. Also last night, Craig Biggio got his 49th leadoff dinger, plus his 2,885th career hit, passing Zack Wheat and moving to #34 on the all time list. Zack Wheat? Wheat played for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1909 to 1926. The Hall of Famer played center field, threw right handed, batted left, and had a .317 career batting average. He was so popular in his day that General Mills even named a cereal after him .. not really.

July 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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