By Marc Campos

Expect A Doozy, Welcome Rocky

State Senator Jon Lindsay announced yesterday that he's not running for re-election. Expect a doozy of an election in next year's GOP primary to replace him. They'll all be heading right. Immigrant bashing, tax cutting, revenue capping, and voucher promoting - to name just a few of the issues. They'll all pull out their pictures with W, W41, and W's momma. They'll wrap themselves in the flag - both the U.S. and Texas. They'll probably spend a record amount of money for a state senate race. Most of all, it will be entertaining - even to Dems.

More on the senate race. According to the Chron, Houston City Council Member Mark Ellis may make the race. According to a respected political pro, voters that reside outside of the city of Houston are somewhat hostile to city of Houston elected officials when they run across them on the ballot. Don't know yet how much of the senate district is outside of the city of Houston, but if Ellis gets into the race, expect his city council voting record to get a grilling.

There is new fella hanging around Commentary offices these days. Rocky is his name. Around 11 weeks old. Belongs to one of the Commentary staffers. Rocky can hang if he doesn't become a distraction. Considering letting Rocky pen, errrr paw a future Daily Commentary.

July 20, 2005, 9:00AM

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