By Marc Campos

Hey Iraq, Where You Going – Disney World?

Somebody has to do some ‘splainin to Commentary. How come the Iraqi congress or legislature or parliament or whatever you call it gets to go on a vacation. It is bad enough that we have U.S. troops over there giving them protection. Since we’re footing the bill over there, does that mean we’re also paying for their vacations? Where are they going anyway – to Disney World, Vegas, Yellowstone, South Padre, Napa Valley, The Yard? Commentary is going to be real pi__ed off if I run into some of them next week in the hot dog line at The Yard. Of course, if they buy me a couple of St. Arnold’s, I might get over it.

In the race for the Lone Star State U.S. Senator, W’s War figures to be one of the hottest if not the hottest issue. Of course, The Junior Senator will probably try to shift focus by blaming the price of gasoline, the next hurricane, and the ‘woes of the ‘Stros on paperless folks. Have you noticed that of all those that are cracking W’s War in the U.S. House, Texas Dems don’t seem to have a prominent voice. Maybe Texas Dems in the U.S. House ought to get over to Crawford and get some run there. Bet that would give them high profile pub.

Speaking of W’s War, did you notice that they went to the mattresses in the U.S. Senate the other night? I caught a glimpse of Senators Barzini, Tattaglia and Sollozzo.

In the world of men’s golf, the Third Major is now underway. Commentary as usual is rooting for Tiger Woods. In the last four majors he has won two and come in second in the other two. After today’s first round, Tiger’s near the top of the leader board – cool.

Speaking of The Yard, misery continues to dog the ‘Stros. We’re tied for last in our division. They are off today – whew!

July 19, 2007 9:00AM

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