By Marc Campos

No Movement, Ralphie Boy, Monday's Meeting, Expensive Driving

Well here we are less than four months before the November election. Guv Dude has a ton of money in the bank. Lady Foghorn has close to a ton of money in the bank. Da Bell is running an ad that looks like the "Attack of the 50 Foot WoMAN" - wasn't that Daryl Hannah's role. The Kinkster gets big time run in the Washington Post where it is revealed "he prefers campaigning among Hispanics because 'their food is better.'" In the same Post article, it is mentioned that Da Bell is "frequently referred to as 'What's-his-name, the Democrat." Guess Post writers haven't caught up with Commentary yet. Still, things seem pretty much where they've been lately - not moving for anyone.

That smirk was gone last night. Yesteryear's Right Wing Wunderkind, Ralph Reed, got his a__ handed to him yesterday in the Georgia GOP Primary. The ultra conservative was running for Lieutenant Governor and got punked by the same far righties he used to lead to their unfulfilled promise land. I guess he couldn't explain how he ripped off Native American tribes. Let's call it the curse of JACK AbramOFF.

Houston's leaders and organizations are responding positively to next Monday's Protect Houston Community Meeting that is being organized by City Council Member Carol Alvarado. The meeting will be held at the CWA Hall on Jefferson Street at 6 pm. Plan to attend.

It looks like the price of driving is going to continue to climb. I guess it is not enough that we're paying $3 a gallon. In today's SA Express News, there is a story about nationalizing driver's licenses. It seems the feds want all the states to standardize driver's licenses. I ain't got a problem with this. The problem I have is that the cost of getting a permit to drive is fixing to quadruple and nobody can explain why. So what else is new?

July 19, 2006, 9:00AM

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