By Marc Campos

Get A Raincoat Eric, Columbus Rules

Women's clinic bomber, errrr, murderer, errr, coward, Eric Rudolph was sentenced to two life sentences yesterday in federal court. Rudolph cut a deal earlier to avoid the death penalty. Rudolph bragged yesterday that he deprived the government of giving him the needle. Sorry fella. You didn't win. For five years, you were on the run, eating other folks' garbage. Vermin ate better than you. They even caught you after you were rummaging through one of those smelly dumpsters. You can't even read what I'm writing - they don't let you guys get on the internet. What's with the flak jacket you're wearing when they take you to the courthouse? Nobody wants to waste a round on your worthless a__. Nah fella, instead, you need to wear a raincoat.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) announces it will hold its 2007 convention in Columbus, Ohio. The city of Columbus passes a ban on assault weapons. NRA says it won't hold convention in Columbus, says "party is cancelled .... Columbus voted to revoke constitutional rights." Columbus says NRA was playing a game, knew what Columbus was going to do, called it a "ruse." Props to Columbus. In fact, next time you are in Ohio, stop by Columbus and spend a few bucks.

July 19, 2005, 9:00AM

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