By Marc Campos

An H-Town Failure

Something is terribly wrong when low income folks living in Class C apartment complexes can count on the City of H-Town code inspectors to come around and check how things are doing every dozen or so years. Thatís what happens when you are poor, donít vote, probably not a citizen of the U.S. of A., and donít have a dreaded City Hall lobbyist. H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez has been one of the only electeds calling for more enforcement and inspections. Heck, some folks werenít happy about Jamesí efforts and were kind of questioning his motivations behind his back. Well maybe now they can shut their pieholes. Itís too bad itís taken a lot of pub in the Chron by Matt Stiles and the deaths of a couple of kids to get the City of H-Town off of its arse.

Commentary is looking forward to checking out the GOP Harris County Judgeís Ethics Task Force recommendations that will soon be released. Of course, an ethics body ainít worth diddly unless it has some sort of enforcement/penalty powers Ė like some teeth. The make-up of an ethics body is also critical. How about making sure that members are not donors to any political candidates Ė period? Now that would be interesting.

Form the They Didnít Ask Me Department: Obama if fixing to go on his worldwide tour and a whole lot of people will be watching. I would prefer that he stick to touring battleground states. Yeah I know this is a different year and heís a different candidate, but I think he needs to be home talking to voters. There arenít a whole lot of voters overseas.

Speaking of, it looks like Wís administration is making a comeback. Tomatoes are now OK to put in your burger.

I guess Annieís List also saw what 2009 Mayoral Candidate H-Town Council Member Peter Brown was up to and decided to endorse H-Town Controller Annise Parker for Mayor real early.

Check out Commentary on Channel 8ís (the local PBS station) ďRed, White and BlueĒ with David Jones and Gary Polland this evening at 8 pm and then again on Sunday at 5 pm. Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez is also on the program. I think local Dems will be OK with my takes on local politics.

Commentary will be rooting for the 53 year young Shark this weekend Ė since Tiger is out for a while.

After 15 days, Commentary will head back to The Yard this evening. Weíre thirteen back and have to make up some ground this weekend.

July 18, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary