By Marc Campos

Getting Ready

An interesting article was sent out yesterday by CEWDEM. It is about next yearís showdown between the GOP and Dems in the races in Harris County. According to the piece, the best I can figure, the local GOP has put together a voter registration program to get more far righties in their column. Meanwhile, the local Dems appear to just be recruiting candidates. It looks like the GOPers are getting an early start on organizing. What else is new?

Meanwhile, on the state level, the GOP announced that they have put together a team to get the Lone Star State organized. No word yet on when statewide Dems will trot out their team.

Commentary thinks it is time for statewide and local Dems to lay out a major voter registration strategy that is directed at new Latino voters. Hey, I think Iíve said that before, havenít I?

Wendy Montoya-Rodriguez celebrated her birthday yesterday. Commentary wasnít able to make the dinner due to a previous commitment. Happy Birthday, err yesterday to The Lovely Wendy.

Speaking of, Yankee Skipper Joe Torre is 67 years young today. His team is 8 games behind.

Speaking of, ĎStros closer Brad Lidge got his first save of the season last night. That ought to tell you something about our year. Iíll tune out CNN at noon today to watch the team play in D.C. Ė yikes!

July 18, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary