By Marc Campos

Oh Brother and Sister, Political Turn-on, The Idiot Challenger, Cheese Conspiracy, The Hole Dude

In today's Austin American Statesman, there is an article about Familia Alvarado running for Guv and Light Guv in the 2006 Texas Dem Primary. Felix and Maria Luisa Alvarado. Felix is from Fort Worth and his sister Maria Luisa is from Austin. Can they win their party's nomination? Remember Victor Morales in 1996. Maria Luis has a clear shot - nobody else has hinted at running for Light Guv.

In a Texas Dem Primary, with a growing Latino vote, things happen. The Chair of the Tarrant County Dem Party says that Felix will end up not running - we'll see. Felix has a good and honest quote in the article when asked about school finance, says Felix - "school finance and tax cuts are incompatible goals" - makes sense to some. Familia Alvarado will certainly be internet topics in the coming weeks. They got free pub today. Move over Kinky.

It is the equivalent of a political high - going over the C&Es (candidate campaign and expenditure reports). They were due last Friday, July 15. Political consultants, candidates and political reporters love to go over them. How much did your opponent raise and spend? Who gave? Who hasn't given? Who did they hire? How much are they paying their consultant? Who is doing their printing? Then the spinning begins - "my client raised more, so we're gonna win" or "Laura Salinas didn't raise as much as her opponents, but she still is going to win."

Last Friday night, stayed up to see the 'Stros go extra innings against the Cardinals. Astros took a one run lead in the top of the 13th. In the bottom of the inning, with one on and one out, Albert Pujols of the Cards hit a homer off of Astros reliever Chad Harville - game over. After the game, Harville said he tried to "challenge" Pujols. Idiot! Roy O, Roger, Andy, and Brad can challenge Pujols - arguably the best hitter in the game today. Harville, you don't challenge Pujols - you throw him pitches out of the strike zone.

What's up with cheese prices? Yeah, Commentary knows a little about cheese. Looking over blue stilton this past weekend - $16 per pound for some labels - yikes! I think the cheese producers are conspiring to drive up prices. It's ridiculous.

Who is that guy that follows Tiger around at all the golf tournaments? You don't see him, but you hear him. Every time Tiger swings or putts, he yells - "it's in the hole!" It's the same voice, only one voice. Did this guy copyright the phrase? Is he part of Tiger's entourage? At the next Major (the PGA in August), they need to do one of those 6 minute TV featurette segments on the "in the hole" dude.

July 18, 2005, 9:00AM

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