By Marc Campos

Informally Here

The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee will conduct an “informal hearing” tomorrow on the local criminal justice system at the H-Town City Hall. Commentary doesn’t really think this is a good idea. Again, regarding what is happening with the DA’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department, I think folks have gotten a lot of info from the local press and it is all good for Dems. Congress sticking their nose in our business might create a little local backlash of sorts. I’m hoping that they hold their hearing, get a little pub, and quietly leave town.

Commentary will head to the local PBS studio this afternoon to tape the “Red, White and Blue” show. I guess they want my takes on Tuesday’s All Star Classic, the ‘Stros chances to reach the World Serious, this summer’s movies, the Madonna/A-Rod stuff, Rev. Jackson dropping N-Bombs, and maybe a little politics. The program will air tomorrow (Friday 7/18) at 8 pm and Sunday at 5 pm – check it out.

More from the Campaign and Expenditure Reports: You can finally go online and check out the reports of those candidates that file with the Harris County Clerk.

It looks like some of the local Dem legislative candidates picked up some serious cash – interesting.

W’s Little Brother, the igniting one, gave a whopping $25 to the Dem candidate in House District 129 – huh!

It looks like 2009 H-Town Mayoral Candidate Peter Brown, a current City Council Member, will set a record of sorts for expenditures in a mayoral campaign before a candidate can start raising funds – you follow? He sure is spending a lot of money getting ready.

The thirteen back ‘Stros get a final day off before the Cubbies invade The Yard tomorrow evening – check them out!

July 17, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary