By Marc Campos

Over and Out Dude! The Deal?

According to today’s Chron, Guv Dude hasn’t ruled out running again in 2010. That’s OK. Everybody else that matters including 61% of the Lone Star State voters has ruled it out. Guv Dude is one of those politicos that does not know when it is time to leave the party.

The James Rodriguez for Houston City Council, District I campaign is getting props this morning for significantly out doing the other fella in the fund raising department. This says a lot about James as a candidate and James’ campaign. Way to go James!

In yesterday’s Chron, the Latino sports columnist that doesn’t think too much of my friend Drayton accuses Drayton of trying to kill the Downtown soccer stadium deal. What deal? You know, when the baseball/football stadiums and basketball arena were proposed, we had a huge public debate and election and everybody had a chance to get in their two cents worth. This soccer deal – if there is a deal – is all whispers and backroom talk. Hey, it’s freaking soccer, not the designing of the next generation of ipods! First they tried to sell a golf course, but they forgot to tell folks about it and they got their arses handed to them. Now the Chron’s Latino sports columnist says Drayton is holding up the deal – what deal?

If there is a deal out there, the Chron has a duty to put it out there for all to see and let’s get some folks that are part of the deal to talk on the record. It’s time to kick over some rocks and see who crawls out to talk about this deal. It kind of doesn’t make sense accusing Drayton of being against a deal if there isn’t a deal – show us the deal! While we’re at it, don’t you think we ought to have an election like we did for the other venues?

People tend to forget that it was Drayton who had the courage to come to Downtown H-Town when most folks had abandoned the area. Downtown H-Town is better off because of Drayton. Hey, come to think of it, they got a couple of parking lots over by the Chron building – that might not be a bad place for a soccer stadium.

Speaking of the ‘Stros, there ain’t much to say except with 69 games to go, we’re hurting real bad.

July 17, 2007 9:00AM

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