By Marc Campos

Worried = W, Kinky Neighbors, Cool Hand Luke, Reports

In discussions with some friends the past few days about how things have escalated lately across the world, there is a growing sense of uneasiness about W being in charge during these troubling times. W's O for everything from Iraq to catching Bin Laden. W couldn't draw a walk if Cheney was pitching and W's Mama was calling balls and strikes.

Commentary has some Kinky Neighbors. In yesterday's Chron, there was an article on where most of The Kinkster's local petition signers come from. They come from my hood, the hood just to the east of mine, and the hood just to the south. These hoods have been pretty good for the Dems in past elections. A lot of Lady Foghorn's local petition signers come from some key African American Dem strongholds. Looks like those that think independent candidates will be cutting into the GOP base have a little 'splaining to do.

"Do you reject Satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises?" "I do."

We're not talking about "The Godfather, Part I" where all family business was settled. My great nephew (my niece's son) Lucas was baptized yesterday. I lost a bet. I thought he would throw a fit when the water was poured on his head. Instead, he was cool, I was his Padrino, and he's now my God son. So now when Luke comes to the office, he gets the run of the place.

Today the campaign contribution reports are due. Late last week, some of the campaigns put out press releases saying they raised a bunch of money. It was a kind of mine is bigger than yours deal. If you are going to talk sh__, why not go on ahead and list where the money comes from in the press release? We're going to find out anyway. Just a thought.

July 17, 2006, 9:00AM

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