By Marc Campos

Queen/King of the Road?

Yesterday, the Texas Sunset Commission discussed the possibility of Lone Star State voters electing the head of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Commentary is hoping that it was a tongue-in-cheek discussion. Thatís pretty good. The winner can then take all the highway dollars and spend them in the areas where he/she got their votes. Road rage will take the place of negative campaigning. I donít know about this.

The totals from the local Campaign and Expenditure Reports are starting to come in. It doesnít look like a major advantage for either political party here in Harris County. Some of the Dems have more money. Some of the GOPers have more money. It looks like a fight to the finish for sure.

Letís see Ė three Uggla errors. Announcers that kept saying the American League was out of position players when Evan Longoria still hadnít played. A pre game that was way too long. Too many mug shots of Rudy G Ė arenít there any major Dems in The Big Apple that go to Yankee games?

As far as Commentary is concerned, the announcers carried the running out of pitchers discussion way too far. Last time I checked, there were eight other players out on the field that could have taken the mound. Also, if an All Star pitcher isnít available because he pitched two days before, then donít let him be an All Star Ė thatís pretty simple.

Commentary was pleased with the play of Big Puma and Miguel Tejada in last nightís, errr this morningís nearly five hour long All Star Classic. Big Puma had a Sac Fly RBI and Tejada had two hits, a stolen base, a run scored and played outstanding defense. Too bad the American League turned off Brad Lidgeís lights. The ĎStros wonít have home field advantage in the World Serious this October Ė durn! Thirteen back, two more off days, then the Cubbies for three!

July 16, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary