By Marc Campos

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

In todayís front page of the Chronís City/State section there is an article about Houston METRO not being able to hire enough Latinos. METRO officials appear to be throwing up their hands Ė no mas! Itís probably the perception thing. You see, when Commentary thinks of METRO, I donít think of an agency where Latinos have a say like the City of H-Town, the County of Harris, or the HISD school district. It is difficult for me to put a Latino face on METRO when Iím thinking about it. Heck, I donít even know a Latino METRO exec, so what does that tell you. METRO has some serious Latino outreaching to do, donít you think?

Ron Paul has more campaign money than John McCain Ė yikes! In fact, Ron Paul has more money in the bank than Brownback, Thompson and Huckabee combined. I wonder what the Vegas line is on when McCain will officially call it quits.

One of Bin Ladenís sons got married back in April. It is wife number two. Heís still holding on to wife number one. He can do that according to his beliefs. Bin Ladenís son is a little pi__ed off that wedding number two is getting worldwide pub. Maybe it has something to do with what his old man does for a living. Get over it. I wonder if his beliefs also allowed for a second bachelor party.

Letís see, we have Sen. John McCain, James Rodriguez supporter Drayton McLane, Chron sportswriter John McClain, and Die Hardís John McClane. I went to see the latest Die Hard flick this past weekend Ė itís real good Ė check it out.

The Philadelphia Phillies lost their 10,000th game last night. To put it in perspective, Craig Biggio has played in 2,792 games.

The ĎStros didnít do so hot at Wrigley this past weekend. Roy O. got mauled Saturday. We blew a five to zip lead yesterday. Weíre 14 under .500, 12 Ĺ back, 70 left Ė misery.

July 16, 2007 9:00AM

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