By Marc Campos

Show Us The Money!

Today we are supposed to get a pretty good indication how the local November elections will shape up. Candidates have to turn in their dreaded Contribution and Expenditure Reports. We get to see how much cash candidates have on hand. We also get to see if any candidates have already pi__ed off a chunk of their money. Stay tuned!

The “New Yorker” editor spent yesterday ‘splaining things. Commentary thinks he did OK – of course, it looks like I’m one of the few that think he did OK. The “New Yorker” cover story is now in today’s Chron Style Section – huh?

Local HCCS Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores sent over this story from yesterday’s Chron about a real good deal for students wanting to attend community college. Check it out.

Commentary is rooting for Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton. He has a great story to tell. He certainly put on a show last night at the dinger contest in Yankee Stadium. Commentary will be rooting for the Big Puma, Miguel Tejada and the National League this evening so the ‘Stros can have home field advantage during the World Serious this October - yikes!

July 15, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary