By Marc Campos

Texas Dems, EOOC,
Young Gunless

A year and a half ago, Texas Dems (State Democratic Executive Committee - SDEC to be exact) elected a new chair. New Dude Chair was supposed to help take us to the promise land. Problem was Dude was elected by the same 'ol, same 'ol bunch that have forgotten how to win. Now it turns out, State Dem Party is hurting - no message, no vision, no buckos. Consultants are being let go. Finger pointing galore. Internet pugilism. Makes one want to think that all's OK with the GOP - Rove, school finance, Supremes, and Iraq. It's time for Dem State Chair Dude to step down - not convinced we've taken a step up in the past 18 months. Then elect a new Dude/Dudette Chair that sincerely believes that there is political life form on another planet - errr, outside of Austin.

Yesterday, some internet warrior zapped an African American Dem legislator for missing a key House tax vote - she was on vacation overseas. No problemo with zapping. Internet warrior still has not zapped Anglo Dem legislator for missing the same key vote - he was on his way to a legislative conference. Now that's a problemo. Considering turning warrior in to the EOOC - Equal Opportunity Offender Commission.

Last night, a Latino Democratic organization endorsed in the race for State Representative, District 143. Commentary's client, Laura Salinas, was not endorsed - heck, she only received one vote. This was expected. One thing for sure, the other side don't like us to mention residency. Dem organization chair assured me earlier in the day that my side would have around three minutes (we wanted more time) to talk about the process (we were going to address residency - Dem organization screening committee refused our request to include residency questions in the questionnaire). Got to the meeting, told I could only have one minute. At last month's meeting, Dem organization Chair had proclaimed that District 143 race was important to the Latino community - errr, one minute worth of importance. Heck, they ruled me out of order on my 61st second on the floor. Residency is definitely a touchy subject with the other side - they think by ruling me out of order, we'll drop it - nope. It's obvious that Dem organization Chair - who happens to be a Young Gun - was intimidated by his fellow executive committee members after he gave me an assurance. Now he's a Young Gunless, awwww.

July 15, 2005, 9:00AM

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