By Marc Campos

Not Surprised, HURTTing, Aubrey's Dinger, He Never Got A Dinner

Yesterday, a respected national organization released a survey of Latinos in the USA and found that Latinos aren't too happy with the GOP on the immigration issue. The same survey found that Dems haven't been able to make inroads with Latinos on this issue. I'm not surprised. Dems have kind of been mamby pamby on immigration. Dems are scared to fully embrace doing the right thing. That's too bad because if Latino voters sense that Dems are one big waffle on immigration reform, then what will be their choices in November? Memo to Dems: Give Commentary a call and I'll tell you what needs to be done.

According to a police officers union survey, Houston's finest don't think the police chief, Harold Hurtt, is doing a good job. Earlier this week, the Chron said that things need to improve in regards to fighting crime in our burg. It's interesting. The police union that conducted the survey endorsed Mayor Bill White when he ran for mayor. Now they are ragging his choice for mayor. Wonder what the betting line is on the chief holding on to his job?

Aubrey Huff also reads Commentary (I hear Daily Commentary is regularly posted in the 'Stros clubhouse.) Aubrey connected with a three run dinger last night in his debut as an Astro. The 'Stros picked up a win.

Red Buttons is gone and he never got his dinner. He won an Oscar for "Sayonara." He also was in "The Poseidon Adventure", "They Shoot Horses, Don't They" and "Hatari." As a regular on The Friars Club roasts, Buttons used to utter the phrase "I never got a dinner" because he was never honored, errr, roasted.

Channel 2 News 1, Jordy 0.

July 14, 2006, 9:00AM

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