By Marc Campos

Tiger, The Ratings, Matt Santos Suffers Setback

Looks like professional golf will be a ratings winner this weekend. The early first round leader in the British Open is Tiger Woods - he's in with a six under par 66. Folks love to watch golf on TV when Tiger is in the hunt. Can't figure why some golf "experts" say Tiger has lost his game or is no longer an intimidating force. He won this year's Masters, was second in the U.S. Open, and looks like he could be the first round leader in the British Open.

Speaking of ratings, you gotta figure Houston's cable access station has jumped in the rating this past week - from say 20 viewers to 5,000 - or at least 14 council members and their staff. The controversy surrounding nudity programming has probably attracted the late night curious too. Way to go access - you got folks interested in your programming.

The Emmy nominees were announced this morning. Democratic Presidential nominee Matt Santos (D-Houston) was shut out - no nomination. His opponent, Senator Arnold Vinick (R-California), was nominated for best supporting actor in a drama series. Houston gets dissed again. Hollywood went with one of their own.

July 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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