By Marc Campos

Endorsement for James, The Mouthpiece, H-Town, The Pine Box

Before I get going, James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I, picked up a key endorsement last night. James was endorsed by the Harris County Tejano Democrats. The election is this November. Congratulations to the James Rodriguez Campaign!

The mouthpiece for the Texas Dem fella from San Antonio/Corpus Christi that wants to be U.S. Senator is getting some bad run from folks that donít think much of her. I think folks want her run, want her to take anger management classes, or get therapy. CEWDEM sent out a piece yesterday on her from folks that arenít a part of her fan club. The Demsí former AG candidate got into the act by taking a few shots of his own at the Texas Dem fella from San Antonio/ Corpus Christi. I think itís getting started folks Ė Dem activists cracking on each other in the Texas U.S. Senate Dem Primary race.

We are what we are because of who we are Ė I think? My PR Agent says in her Chron column today that H-Town doesnít have much to offer tourists other than shopping and restaurants. Weíre not like other destinations, you know, New York City, D.C., LA, San Fran, and Seattle. Weíre H-Town! Astroworld locked up its gates a couple of years ago, they donít launch rocket ships at our NASA, our beaches are crystal brown, and it can be a little warmish in the summer. It does not help that the Chron has listed today our own Seven Wonders that includes a sculpture that Iíve never seen, a house made up of beer cans, a stadium that we never use, a freaking freeway, and a rocket ship thatís lying on its belly. The Chron is on target on our port and art museums though. Iíd also add The Yard 83 times a year plus play-off and World Serious games and visiting The Roundtable to hear the latest on things that are really important in this part of the state.

Speaking of the Chron, in todayís front page sports section, they have the ĎStros being fitted for a pine box Ė over, who says itís over! Hope nothing serious happens in the world this afternoon cause CNN is taking a back seat to the action from Wrigley!

July 13, 2007 9:00AM

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