By Marc Campos

Ultimate Brainout, Smirk/Smirk,
¿Quien Es Mas Macho 2?,
Lights Out Lidge

W's brain is in some doodoo - don't know how deep though. Last year, W's fellas said brain had nothing to do with leaking intelligence info to the media. Turns out, that's not true. Last year, W said if anyone leaked intelligence info to the media, they would be fired. Turns out that statement does not apply to brain. Think about it, if brain is sh__canned and told to go find another job, W will look brainless. Expect W and his fellas to ride this one out. Expect brain to stick around.

It is like a classic gladiator fight. A WWI dogfight over the English Channel. Ali vs Frazier. Corleone against Barzini. Strategy and counter strategy. Dueling press releases, press conferences, Op-Eds, and internet zingers. The Texas Legislature in action. On the Dem side, we hear the pleas for the have nots, on the R side, we hear for the job creating haves. Then all of a sudden, somebody calls "time out!" Then they all go to the sidelines to vote to increase their pension. Then they all come back to the playing field and start smacking each other and expect the rest of us to continue rooting them on. And you know what, the most critical fans on both sides will ignore the fact that a timeout was called, yet continue to moan that nothing is being accomplished. Smirk, smirk, smirk to those in the regular session that championed a record vote on key legislative votes, but were silent on this vote. I'm reminded of Michael Corleone in GFII - "we're all part of the same hypocrisy."

¿Quien es mas macho? Sylvester Turner or Garnet Coleman. Sat in on a legislative screening last night in a legislative race. The candidate was in a hostile setting - most screeners are supporting one of the candidate's opponent. The candidate was asked if the candidate would be a Sylvester Turner type legislator or a Garnet Coleman type legislator. The screeners don't think much of Sly. The candidate responded she would have her own identity. One screener did point out that both Turner and Coleman were good Dems. One screener asked if the candidate would have voted to support Tom Craddick for House Speaker this past January. Candidate reminded screeners that their favorite, Garnet, voted for Craddick earlier this year .... awwwww.

At all major league baseball games, all the players have their song - when they come up to bat, a cut from their favorite song is played. Anglo players usually have rock songs - from bands Commentary never knew existed. Many Latino players have salsa, meringue or Latino beat tunes. Never hear a Beatles song. Closers like Astro reliever Brad Lidge have bigger production numbers. Lidge has his own video intro called "Lights Out Lidge." At last night's all-star game, Lidge lived up to his video. He struck out the three American League all-stars he faced. Not a single one put their bat on the ball - has to be a record or at least tied a record. Maybe in the future Lidge ought to be introduced with the Abbey Road tune - "The End."

July 13, 2005, 9:00AM

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