By Marc Campos

Dem Fight, Signs Of The Times, On Commentary

Some Texas Dem activists want to see a primary battle between John Sharp and Chris Bell. Seems like some activists are already drawing the battle lines - new blood versus party establishment. If Sharp is the party establishment, who else is part of the establishment? Where's their website? How does one qualify to be new blood? Is this an age thing, a geography thing, or are we just supposed to know this. Is Commentary considered party establishment or new blood?

It would seem like the term party establishment is a negative thing - since the party has gotten hammered in elections the past few cycles. Party establishment means the establishment has been running the party, errr, running the party into the ground.

Some party leaders have privately told Commentary that Dem statewide candidates don't have a chance in '06. That's their opinion. If we don't have a chance, then don't fuss if Sharp vs Bell goes the distance. Some folks would like for Sharp or Bell to run for another position to avoid a costly fight. Hey, if both want to be Guv, then let them tell us why - that's why we have party primaries.

Commentary ran into Carol Alvarado's opponent at a restaurant the other day. Dude told me that one of his big campaign signs was knocked down - wasn't stolen. He told me that Laura Salinas' signs were also knocked down at the same location, and he had them in his truck and gave them to me. Nice gesture. Turns out, in the dark of night, somebody decided to take down a few Laura Salinas signs - oh no, the dreaded sign war. Think we're going to set up hidden cameras across from certain Laura Salinas sign locations, and when they come by and knock down Laura's signs, we'll catch them in the act, then turn over the tape to the local media - they like running stories on dumba__es knocking down opponent campaign signs.

Regarding Carol Alvarado's opponent - forgot to mention to him a campaign piece that he is distributing - I have not seen it, but I've been told about it - that tries to use my Commentary daily takes against Alvarado (my client). Shocking development - client doesn't always agree with Daily Commentary. Heck, sometimes I don't agree with Commentary. You ought to hear some of our arguments.

July 12, 2005, 9:00AM

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