By Marc Campos

Going Down the Toilet

It looks like all that arse grabbing back in 2004 between W and the Arizona GOP U.S. Senator Prez wannabee is getting the wannabee an early exit from the race. Awwwwww! His campaign has fallen apart. It serves him right. Pretty soon he’ll be done. Then he’ll be able to catch up on all the “Law and Order” episodes that he has TiVoed.

Commentary makes it a point to watch H-Town’s City Council meetings on the tube. You never know when they will try to sneak in a garbage fee or something like that. Yesterday, the anti W’s War folks showed up to ask City Council to support a resolution calling for the impeachment of W – they say the war is illegal. Hey, that’s their right. Now some can debate whether or not municipal governments should get into the impeachment of presidents business – fair enough. One thing is for sure, the anti W’s War folks are pretty active. They probably vote on average about three times per election. They may decide that W’s War might be a more important issue than a garbage fee during the next city election. Watch out now!

Last night’s Major League All Star Game had drama at the end – bases loaded, two outs, one run game. It was exciting pure and simple. Numero 45 had a shot that nearly went fair. Roy O. didn’t get into the game. Albert Pujols didn’t get into the game. The Fox Sports reporter that was reporting in his kayak from McCovey’s Cove threw his dog into the water, errr cove – that was funny, probably not to the PETA folks though. I also liked the Fox Trak board that kept popping out from the ground with the pitch info – how do they do that? Did you notice that all the American League position starters were players of color – interesting.

The National League lost so that means the ‘Stros don’t get home field advantage during the World Serious. That’s OK. Take the next couple of days off then let’s watch’em at Wrigley Friday afternoon!

July 11, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary