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Guv Dude's Chief Elections Officer said no to "Grandma" yesterday - she can't be listed as "Grandma" on the ballot for Texas Governor. She's threatening to go to court and sue. Commentary is offering a compromise. The kazillion Commentary watchers know her as "Lady Foghorn", so let's go with "Lady Foghorn."

In Sunday's Chron, there was an article about how difficult it is to get campaign contribution and expenditure report data from the City of Houston for those that run for city hall offices - mayor, council and controller. Unlike the Texas Ethics Commission, the Federal Elections Commission, and cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, in Houston, you can't go on your computer and enter in an individual donor's name and get an instant listing on how much money individual donors have contributed to various city candidates. You have to take the time and go through each report manually.

The article goes on to say that Campaigns for People, an Austin based watchdog group on elections, proposed a few years ago that the City of Houston adopt an electronic campaign contributions and expenditures reporting type system. Well, that's news to me.

According to the Chron, the mouthpiece for Campaigns for People says - "politicians don't want to easily reveal to their opponents - or anyone else - where their money is coming from."

This is a limp attempt to imply that City of Houston leaders are resisting change on this issue. This is a little off base. I try to watch the City Council meetings on the Municipal Channel and I can't recall Campaigns for People or any other so called reformer speaking out at City Council on this issue.

I think the City ought to go the online electronic reporting route, but up until the article appeared this past Sunday, nobody has made it a burning city government campaign ethics issue.

Way back in 1995, my firm published the "Houston Hispanic Leadership Survey: 1995 Media Resource List" - "In order to provide the media, business and political community with the most qualified Hispanic resources on a broad range of subjects, Campos Communications surveyed leaders in the Houston Hispanic community in an effort to identify Hispanic leaders and their areas of expertise."

The primary purpose was to distribute the results of the survey to members of the local media, so when they wanted a Latino to interview on a certain subject matter, they had their list handy. For example, Commentary was listed as someone that could talk about Local Politics, but not about The Arts in our Community.

I was browsing through the 11 year old survey the other day and found that some local Latino leaders are still at the forefront in certain fields: Carol Alvarado - Environment, John Hernandez - Banking, Alice Valdez - Arts, Champ Fraga - Business, Max Castillo and Tatcho Mindiola - Higher Education, Maria Jimenez and Isaias Torres - Immigration, and Commentary - Local Politics. Congrats to those still around and contributing in their field.

I'm thinking about updating the survey, of course, I'll have to insert Latino instead of Hispanic and possibly add/delete subjects.

I try not to reprint comments from the kazillion, errr, half dozen or so that log on to my website, but sometimes I just have to share. This is from, HDL, a fella that knows quite a bit about Latino voter turnout in these parts:

"I have gone through the (Ken) Forsch, (Joe) Sambito, (Charlie) Kerfeld, (Billy) Wagner and now (Brad) Lidge era.

I am trying to recall whether the Astros have had a reliever be directly responsible for upsetting so many stomachs by losing so many important games.

To improve the results against the elite teams, maybe Lidge needs to be converted into a starter like Forsch. Maybe he needs to start throwing left handed like Sambito and Wagner. Maybe he needs to put on some pounds and wear glasses like Kerfeld because he is starting to remind me of him. Or, maybe he needs to start praying into his glove like Billy used to. (I don't know that he ever did it. He just looked like he was praying.)

Your (Commentary) constitution must be strong to be able to take being there on a regular basis and not puke."

Jake's Owner called me yesterday and wanted know if Lance Berkman's batting gloves fit my mitts. I replied if the glove didn't fit, you must ...

That Z fella from France, the soccer player with the now famous dome that used it as a weapon, is getting a lot of worldwide run. Apparently he fell for the old "Yo Mama" bait line. Then yesterday he broke down and bawled his eyes out. Come on, there's no crying in futbol!

July 11, 2006, 9:00AM

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