By Marc Campos

Mini-mean, 'Stros

The mini-mean are coming to Houston. Guess they think we have an immigrant problem. That's news to Commentary. Mini-mean plan to monitor and video tape immigrants that they think don't have the proper papers to be here. Local activists plan to monitor and video tape the mini-mean when they arrive in Houston. Local activists are being led by the tenacious and mostly right Maria Jimenez. Maria is one person Commentary would hate to take on. Mini-mean need to seriously reconsider coming to Houston. To mini-mean, you're not exactly coming to a neutral site.

Props go to the Astros for their outstanding play heading into the All-Star break. Four All-Stars (Roger, Roy O, Lidge, and Ensberg). We're still in the hunt.

July 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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