By Marc Campos

The Nut Snatcher

“Keep hope alive or I’ll cut his nuts off!”

Maybe that’s what he really wanted to say.

I think the Rev. Jesse Jackson just made sure he doesn’t have a speaking role at the National Democratic Convention in Denver next month. I wonder if he’ll get a visit from the Secret Service for making a threat, errr remark like that. In the era of instant stuff for sale, don’t be surprised to see some folks selling Jesse Jackson Nut Snatcher fellas online – you know - the kind that come in colorful parade military garb that spring up around Christmas time.

Commentary has a simple rule. If I’m in a TV news studio and there are about three or four cameras and portable microphones lying around I assume everything is “hot” so if I say something I assume it is going to be recorded. This was pure sloppiness on the part of Rev. Jackson. He’s a pro and he should have known better.

I’m sure the Rev. Jackson critics will chime in that Rev. Jackson still hasn’t accepted the fact that he’s no longer the most influential African American in American politics.

San Antonio is taking another major economic hit. Toyota announced yesterday that they are shutting down their Tundra truck producing plant in San Antonio for three months – ouch! First AT&T and now Toyota – ouch again! You kind of figured that this was bound to happen with $4 plus a gallon gasoline and folks starting to abandon their trucks. They better start making hybrids in San Antonio or we might start seeing an exodus of folks toward H-Town. It might be a good idea to start getting the Astrodome ready for company again.

The polls close at 4 pm today and Commentary doesn’t think it looks too good for Numero 45 to get the final All Star slot. It is just tough to get a voter base energized that is thirteen and a half back. Vote today at astros.com – you never know!

July 10, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary