By Marc Campos

No Children Allowed and HISD Shenanigans?

Commentary didn’t know Chelsea Clinton could talk until midway through her dad’s second term. So I was kind of a bit surprised to see the interviews yesterday with the Obama kids. Well it turns out Obama now thinks the TV interview with his kids was a bad idea. I agree. I think Obama would be wise to follow the Clinton strategy of 1992 – don’t trot out Chelsea in front of the media if the media promises not to invade her privacy. It worked.

It is kind of like a relationship – Obama and the media – where boundaries have to be established and respected.

In today’s Chron there is another article on the contract of HISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra. Check it out. This article makes Commentary a bit uneasy about what is going on over at HISD regarding the Superintendent. I hope the Board of Trustees realize that this matter is not sending a good signal to the Latino community – a community that bailed out HISD’s arse in last year’s school bond election. How quickly we forget!

From today’s Austin American Statesman: “The Republican Party of Texas today announced the winner of its bumper sticker contest. The party says thousands of online voters picked this: ‘Obama For Change: That’s all you’ll have in your pockets.’“

This bumper sticker is going to cover the whole bumper for sure.

Commentary has to hand it to Pam-In-Charge and the ‘Stros organization and FSN for mounting a campaign for Numero 45, errr Carlos “El Caballo” Lee for the final National League All Star roster spot. They flashed a Carlos Lee bumper sticker on the screen throughout last night’s game and had other graphics and slogans – “read my lips, no new strikeouts”, “Si Se Puede”, “keep El Caballo’s hope alive”, “Caballo ‘08”, “I’m a clubhouse uniter, not a teammate divider!”, "he's the right man, at the right time, for the National League All-Star team” ,”change the Killer Bees can believe in” and my favorite “Hi, I'm Carlos Lee, and I approved this message."

They also had testimonials throughout the evening from fellow ‘Stros. Of course, Numero 45 helped his campaign by hitting a two run dinger for the second night in a row. Go to astros.com right now and vote for Numero 45!

There is absolutely no way The Dean can be nailed for using his campaign funds for ‘Stros tickets. It is considered a charitable donation – giving to the needy, weak, weary, distressed, impoverished, and thirteen and a half games out!

July 9, 2008 9:00AM

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