By Marc Campos

JUANting Wisdom, What a Wedding, All Star Break

The Chair of the Hidalgo County Democratic Party is a Commentary friend. Of course, that does not mean he knows what he’s talking about at times. My old buddy Juan Maldonado has decided to give H-Town’s Latino political community some advice. I don’t think we asked for it. Juan’s telling us who our local Latino candidates should be for certain political offices. Sorry Juan, you don’t get to make those decisions. I guess Juan’s not too keen about an H-Town Latino Dem running for U.S. Senator. Maybe Juan’s afraid that a credible Latino Dem from H-Town might just kick some arse in Juan’s own voting precinct.

Speaking of South Texas, some border sheriffs aren’t too happy that they aren’t getting any of the new border security money from the state. Some of these sheriffs are the same ones that got used by Guv Dude in his campaign last year. They were in Guv Dude’s macho ads, now they are getting punked. Hey, what did they expect?

Move over Eva/Tony. Lisette/Mike was the hands down 777 jackpot wedding this past weekend. Folks from all over the country jetted in. Those Midwesterners sure know how to celebrate a wedding. Joining My Best Friend and Julie were The Dean, the Senator from District 6, Houston City Council Member Noriega and the Latino Dem candidate for U.S. Senator, One of My Best Friends, George the former COO of the Rockets, Tad the current COO of the Rockets, Clutch, Bango (of the Bucks), and Pam-In-Charge. Commentary handled one of the readings at the service – it was nice. There was dancing, food and a whole lot more. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

At the yard yesterday, the National Anthem was performed by kids playing banjos and ukuleles. Imagine rockets red glaring with banjos – you get the picture. We won, we’re 11 games under .500, 10 ½ out with 73 left to pay. Like the line from “Godfather II” – “difficult but not impossible.” Home Run Derby tonight, All Star Game tomorrow, the team returns to the yard two weeks from tonight.

July 9, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary