By Marc Campos

The Dreaded C & E

The Dean and the dreaded Campaign and Expenditure (C & E) reports made the front page of today’s Chron. Check it out. The story also made it to other newspapers across the Lone Star State.

Apparently, some fella in California with nothing else to do peruses C & Es and if he finds a violation he files a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission. This fella recently filed complaints against 10 state legislators and 15 district judges. The Dean’s crime – allegedly - is using his campaign funds to buy tickets to the ‘Stros, Texans, and Rockets games – oh, brother! This has already been covered in the press pal.

Everybody that runs for public office in the Lone Star State has to fill out C & Es. Candidates have to write down who gives them campaign checks and how they spend the funds. It is usually up to the media, watchdog groups, folks like the fella from California, or a candidate’s opponent to make sure the C & Es are filled out right.

Is the best the California guy could do was to nail The Dean for buying ‘Stros ticket? In The Dean’s case, it has already been in the media. It’s OK with Commentary. Hey, look at it this way. At least we don’t have to worry about special interest groups wining and dining The Dean at ballgames. Of course, this would probably be a non story altogether if the ‘Stros were having a better year. I wonder if The Dean has gone online to vote for Numero 45 for the last All Star slot.

The Lone Star State Dem Party is out holding hearings on what to do with the Texas Two Step. Heck, they ought to hold hearings on why we should scrap the Super Duper Dem Delegate system. I bet the only folks that want to keep the Super Duper Dem Delegate system are the Super Duper Dem Delegates.

The American Campaign Skipper sent me an email this morning and says he’ll be part of Team Da Bell in Senate District 17. Good luck!

Hey, the Chron sent one of their own to cover the hot dog eating contest. Check it out.

Speaking of ‘Stros tickets, we need some pitching real bad since we’re now twelve and a half back – yikes!

July 8, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary