By Marc Campos

The Mighty Piehole, Crossover Pete, Clutch Gags

African American Dem activist group in Texas think some of their leaders get picked on by the rest of the Dem Party. Some Dems cracked back and said too bad - some Dems say criticism is fair. Talking about state legislative matters. Okee Dokee.

Anglo Dem legislator missed key vote a couple of days ago. So did African American Dem. So did Latino Dem. Dems lost by one vote. According to the Chron, Anglo Dem legislator was on his way to a national legislative conference in Rhode Island. According to American Statesman, African American Dem was in France. Hardly an emergency absence. Betcha if the African American Dem legislator was the only one to take a travel day and miss a key vote, "some Dems" would be piling on. Because an Anglo Dem was involved, think "some Dems" will keep their pieholes shut. African American Dem activist group might have a point.

Star Telegram has a story today about Dem legislators sporting Pete Laney for Guv T-shirts. Why not? The former Texas House Speaker has crossover appeal. In 2000, hours after Dems got ripped off by the Supremes, Pete introduced W to the world.

The Houston Rockets announced their TV broadcasting team for the next season. Surprise, surprise, former Rocket Calvin Murphy is not on the broadcasting team. In today's Chron, the Rockets were asked if Murphy's recent molestation trial (he was acquitted) and the fact that the trial revealed that Murph has fourteen children from nine different women, had any bearing on their decision not to renew his contract - "not at all" replied a Rocket exec. Commentary would have loved to seen Clutch's reaction to the "not at all" statement.

July 8, 2005, 9:00AM

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