By Marc Campos

A Bad Idea

I guess the Dem Prez Sweepstakes are now officially over since Sheila Jackson Lee is back in town.

Cong. Jackson Lee wants Congress to hold hearings and investigate the Harris County legal system. Check it out. Commentary doesn’t think this is a good idea. Congress is the least popular institution in the U.S. of A. Bringing in a Congressional Committee comprised of “Northeastern Liberals” to look into our business would only make local voters feel sorry for the county. The local media has done a pretty good job of letting us know what is wrong with our legal system. Plus, Harris County government, the DA’s office, and the Sheriff’s office do a pretty good job of shooting themselves in the foot on a regular basis. The last thing we need is an injection of a sympathy factor that a Congressional inquiry would create.

One year ago today, My God Daughter Lisette Luna and Mike Schneiders got married!

Commentary could only scarf down 2 dogs last Thursday during nine innings of Dollar Dog Day at The Yard. This past Friday, Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi each downed 59 in 10 minutes. In extra innings, Chestnut took the Yellow Mustard Belt in a five dog eat off. I loved the crowd chant – “one more dog, one more dog!”

Commentary doesn’t want to hear any argument against baseball being the best game ever invented period. Think about it, even our scandals are pretty cool. Instead of shootings in strip clubs or refs that fix games, we have A-Rod - the game’s highest paid player - his wife C-Rod, Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, and an H-Town lawyer involved in a front page divorce.

TBS had the honors of announcing the All Star teams yesterday. It was pretty lame presentation if you ask Commentary.

The ‘Stros have two on the National League All Star team so far – Lance “Big Puma” Berkman as the starting First Baseman and Miguel Tejada as a reserve. Numero 45, errr Carlos “El Caballo” Lee is still in the hunt. Go online and cast a bunch of votes for Numero 45. You have until 4 pm Thursday to cast you ballots!

The Cubs who have the best record in the National League have seven All Stars. The World Champs – Red Sox – also have seven. The Tampa Bay Rays who have the best record in baseball and lead the Red Sox by five games have only two All Stars.

Two former closers for the ‘Stros - Brad Lidge and Billy Wagner - made the National League All Star Team. Lidge celebrated by signing a three year $36 mil contract extension with the Phillies.

For those that want to bring up giving up Lidge in a deal that brought us Michael Bourn who went 0 for 7 yesterday, let’s remember, Lidge was a pretty bad head case here in H-Town. We did the right thing - I hope - I think!

Seventeen innings, five hours and thirty five minutes, tied for last, and twelve down – not good!

July 7, 2008 9:00AM

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